Lucas Lu is a Battling Ropes coach from Taiwan who will assist you with Battling Ropes Courses and Certifications in Taiwan and China.

Lu has always held passion in fitness and well being since he was a child. He developed a deep interest in fitness and exercising and he started self-training in the gym at 18 years old. Lu was later recruited in a regional fitness center as an instructor by the age of 21. He has a wide range of experience with P.T. and group course training. Lu recently coach functional training in Taipei City. He specializes in functional training, high endurance sports, weight management and muscle development.

Lu travels the world to learn new training methods. He own several certifications including AFAA WT, TRX STC, TRX RTC, TRX FORCE (Level 2 certification of TRX), Trigger Point SMR, and, of course, Battling Ropes and Brookfield's Barrel Training from John Brookfield, who is an amazing master in the training field.

From John’s system, I learned a unique and innovative training method. I would be cheerful and proud of sharing and introducing his method in Asia.

To contact with me, you can either e-mail to or call +886-983-613-650.

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