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     In this one of a kind training DVD, John Brookfield, creator of the Battling Ropes training system, teams up with USA weightlifting National champion and US bobsled world team member Ingrid Marcum to introduce more of John's creative training methods that until now have never been seen. These methods will not only open your eyes, but also challenge you and take you to new heights in your training results.

     John and Ingrid will introduce and explain the Chain Reaction program. This complete breakthrough in functional training will give you tools that you never knew existed. The Chain Reaction program has many different concepts within the system and you will be exposed to four of the concepts in this training masterpiece.

     You will also learn some of John's unique Battling Ropes specialty drills that will help you develop the highest level of physical prowess and mental readiness imaginable. These drills will expose any weak link in your mind and body while they force you to engage and stay on the task at hand.

     If this is not enough, you will see the basics of Weight of Water System, which is a true genius in both the simplicity of the system and in the results it will produce when striving for a Mastery of Physical Prowess. You will develop a whole new mindset when it comes to setting goals and sticking to them with the Weight of Water.

     This DVD is a must have for any athlete, coach or trainer who wants to truly be at the forefront of the next wave of cutting edge training that is designed and guaranteed to produce the results you have dreamed of, but did not know how to acquire until now.

     Approx running time - 45 minutes

+ $3.00 shipping

     John Brookfield and Battling Ropes are proud to present Hurricane Ingrid: The Workout. This new training DVD will show you how to put the different Battling Ropes training methods into effective workout formats to take your training results to the next level and beyond. In this DVD, Battling Ropes creator John Brookfield introduces you to Battling Ropes coach Ingrid Marcum. Ingrid Marcum is an elite world class athlete, to say the least. Ingrid started out as a competitive gymnast and later became the strength and conditioning coach at The College of William and Mary. Now Ingrid competes at the elite level in Olympic weightlifting and is the current U.S. National Champion in her weight class in weightlifting. Ingrid also excels in bobsledding and is a member of the U.S. world team where she travels around the world competing for the U.S. in the bobsled. She is currently training and preparing for the 2010 Winter Olympics in the Bobsled.

     In Hurricane Ingrid: The Workout, Ingrid starts out by demonstrating over a dozen of the velocity/wave system exercises. From there, she shows you how to combine these exercises into an effective workout that can be implemented by any athlete, trainer, coach or fitness buff of any age or level. After that, Ingrid will demonstrate a variety of exercises on the Pole System, which is the strength endurance phase of the Battling Ropes training system. You will learn how to put the Pole System exercises into an effective workout that will push your strength endurance through the roof. As if this is not enough, Ingrid Marcum and John Brookfield will demonstrate the Battling Ropes Tsunami and the partner training. Last, but not least, you will learn how to combine these workouts and go from one training method to another effectively to get the most out of your workouts.

     Approx running time - 48 minutes

+ $3.00 shipping

     In this unique training DVD, Battling Ropes creator John Brookfield combines forces with elite athlete and Battling Ropes coach Ingrid Marcum. John and Ingrid will demonstrate and expose you to the highly effective partner and team training methods of the Battling Ropes system. You will learn many exercises and drills that are designed to help you, your client or entire team stay engaged with these high intensity training methods. You will learn how to train your group or team using multiple ropes without the use of any traditional anchor points. You will also learn how to apply the Battling Ropes movement drills that will not only boost your endurance through the roof, but also greatly increase your quickness and agility.

     You will learn how to work the Battling Ropes Pole System into group workouts as well as learn never seen before drills combining the Battling Ropes concepts with bodyweight exercises. You will see and learn how to set the ropes up in various ways that will keep everyone on task as they are forced to push themselves in a team or group environment. After applying the Battling Ropes partner and team training principles into their workouts, your players, teammates and clients will be able to compete or train at a whole new level intensity over longer durations of time. By implementing these methods you will be guaranteed to get and keep the edge on your competition.

     Approx running time - 45 minutes

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