John Brookfield will be in Copenhagen the 16th and 17th of June 2012 for a 2 day certification course. Do not miss out the first certification course of its kind in Europe!

If you only think the ropes are for doing waves and interval training, be assured John will show you a whole training system.

John Brookfield is an internationally renowned coach and competitor known for a varitety of accomplishments in the world of strength and conditioning. John has been seen on many popular television programs, has written seven books as well as produced over a dozen training DVDs on the subject of strength and conditioning. John has been listed in Ripley’ s “Believe it or not” and the Guiness book of records.

John Brookfield is a multiple World record holder and is the creator of the Battling Ropes Training System, the Chain Reaction Program and the Beyond Bodyweight Training System.

These training systems are being used by NFL teams, Olympic athletes, Military Special Forces units, Law Enforcement agencies and countless coaches, trainers and physical therapists. Even though John Himself is approcaching the age of 53, he is still setting World records perfromances when it comes to work capacity and sustaining strength, power and speed over time.

What you will learn on the course

This course will teach you new methods that you have not experienced before. These methods are all complete output and time under tension where the mind and body is constantly engaged. By learning these methods you will gain a great advantage and be much sharper physically and mentally and find a whole new level of work capacity which will transfer into your sport or chosen battlefield. As an athlete you will learn how to compete or train at a higher level of intensity over longer durations of time. As a coach or trainer you will learn methods that will safely train and enhance your clients, teams, groups and units ability to perform better and climb to a new level of human performance.

Here’s the outline of the course

1- You will learn the Battling Ropes wave/velocity concept which teaches the user to train or compete at a much higher level of intensity over greater durations of time. In this training course you will here and learn the concept, theory and origin of the Battling Ropes wave/velocity system by Battling Ropes creator John Brookfield. You will learn why velocity training is a missing link in training today and why it is a must for anyone wishing to enhance their performance – next you will take part in a hands on application of the wave/velocity concept and learn the many techniques of the system as well as the progressions that will take your training past the next level.

2- You will learn the push/pull strength element of the Battling Ropes system. This element has been seen only by a few athletes and coaches. This method will put you in a mechanical disadvantage where you must push and pull at the same time which will give you huge strength gains and also will greatly enhance your ability to resist injury be preparing your body for load shifts that occur in every day life. It is important to understand that this method is extremely progressive and also completely safe for all users.

3- You will learn the Pole System which is the strength endurance phase of the Battling ropes system. You will learn how to implement the Pole System which will greatly enhance your levels of work capacity and teach your mind and body how to resist fatigue. You will learn many exercises that will give you much greater strength and flexibility from different angles and planes of motion.

4- You will learn the Battling Ropes Partner and Team Training methods which will teach you how to train entire groups, teams and units together. These methods will motivate an entire group or team and motivate and encourage them to stay on task and do their best as they are forced to engage at all times.

5- You will learn how to implement the Battling Ropes methods with extremely unique body weight exercises and drills that will enhance you physically and mentally.

6- Even though this training course is an official Battling Ropes certification you will also learn John Brookfield’s Beyond Bodyweight Training System. This system of bodyweight trainings methods will be completely different than anything you have ever experienced before. You will learn the basics and how to progress through the drills and exercises.

Extra bonus

A short introduction to kettlebell juggling with Thierry Sanchez

Principles of Z Health you can apply to your training with Kenneth Jay

Places are limited!


2500kr for early birds. Price goes up to 3000kr after the 15/03/2012

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