Cleveland Clinic Akron General Health and Wellness Center
8am - 5pm

Join us at the Cleveland Clinic for an official Batting Ropes certification presented by Batting Ropes creator, founder and developer John Brookfield. John is a multiple world record holder, author, speaker and presenter. He has been on many television programs such as Regis and Kathie Lee, Good Morning America and The Today Show and Vicki Lawrence. John has been a presenting his unique training methods for many years at the Perform Better training Summits.

This will be a great opportunity for you as a trainer to get officially certified in the Batting Ropes system. You will learn the different concepts of the Batting Ropes and learn how to properly train both individual clients as well as conduct group trainings on the Batting Ropes. This will set yourself highly above other trainers who do not fully understand the concepts of the Batting Ropes system. Please see below a basic overview of what you will learn!!

Batting Ropes Velocity System - You will learn the concepts of the velocity system as well as countless exercises and drills which can be implemented with world class athletes, novices and even children in a safe result producing manner. You will learn the system of progression with the ropes which will help your clients and athletes sustain velocity, which will allow them to exercise or compete at a higher level of intensity over greater durations of time.

Batting Ropes Push/Pull System - The push/pull system is an extremely unique safe way to make great strength gains from multiple angles which forces the user to actually push and pull at the same time while activating the core muscles. The result of the push/pull training gives the user much greater functional strength as well as greater body awareness and injury prevention.

Pole System - The Pole System is the strength endurance phase of the training which teaches the user to develop strength endurance and rest fatigue over time. This system also works over multiple plains and angles increasing strength in every possible position. This of course gives great strength endurance and injury prevention while also increasing functional grip strength.

Partner/Team Training - You will also learn how to apply the Batting Ropes with a partner or a group or team. These drills will push your clients and athletes in a fun safe result producing manner. John personally trains athletic teams, military units and police units on this partner and team training concepts. These methods will give you a huge edge as a trainer and set you apart in the marketplace.

Power Surge - The Power Surge concepts teaches the user to implement explosive power which can to transferred into any sport or just general activity. Although this method is fast and furious and produces great results it is fun and safe for everyone even children.

Beyond Bodyweight Training - John will also mingle in some of his Beyond Bodyweight Training which is an extremely unique series of bodyweight drills which you have not seen before. These methods will give you powerful exercises and drills to add to your training toolbox.

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