John Brookfield is a pioneer in strength training. Once again he  is writing a new chapter in the strength training world. I have been involved in martial arts and strength training for thirty plus years and nobody understands strength training like John Brookfield. My first experience with the Battling Ropes was an eye opener to say the least. The program is incredible. It works every muscle in your body and mimics the fight energy you need for sport, or real life situations. Its truly a unique workout. If your strength training and dont have this program, you are missing out. There is no doubt, John Brookfields Battling ropes training is one of the missing links in training. Its a demanding workout that will challenge you mentally and physically preparing your body to deal with lactid acid. During this workout you are competing against the rope and yourself. You will get results you never thought possible. If you want a workout that will humble you and bring you to a new level, this is it. Thanks John for introducing a new era in strength and conditioning.

Charlie Lysak

9th degree black belt Sento Method  

7th degree black belt Jiu Jitsu

6th degree black belt Pankration

6th degree black belt in American Kick Boxing

Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Founder of Primal Strength and Conditioning


Thanks John for coming to the Olympic Center to teach our wrestlers your Battling Ropes system. It was great to get all the instruction directly from you the creator of the system. I strongly believe that your Battling Ropes system will benefit our wrestlers in a great way. All of the wrestlers quickly saw how the training will help them go to the next level.                                       

Ivan Ivanov                        

Head Greco Roman wrestling coach - Olympic training center

                        Silver Medalist 1994 world championships - six time Bulgarian national champion       



I think that John Brookfields Battling Ropes training system is one of the best functionally sports specific activities for cross training. Tha Battling Ropes allow the athlete to develop muscular, as well as cardiovascular endurance, which is a must for any wrestler.                                             

Jim Gruenwald

Assistant Greco Roman wrestling coach - Olympic training center                         

Two time Olympian 2000 - 2004 -  American championship gold medalist - 1998               



John Brookfields Battling Ropes training helps me keep  my cardio and strength conditioning up to the olympic level. The training greatly increases my intensity level as well as my grip strength. The training is like pushing through the hardest match of your life eventhough, you are only battling the rope. I highly recommend the Battling Ropes training for any wrestler or, combat athlete.      


Jake Herbert

NCAA champion - three time All American

Northwestern University              


I had a try at Mr. Brookfields Battling Ropes training and boy was I surprised. As a former British SAS member, I thought I have seen everything. The basic velocity training pushed me to the extreme to keep going and the partner training was deceptive to say the least. I tried my best to keep up with Mr. Brookfield surging the rope but, I could of easier held onto a tigers tail.                

James  M.

Former British SAS - Rugby coach

I have known some very strong guys. However, John  is one of those super rare guys who is not simply among the strongest in the world but, is truly head and shoulders above the rest of us. His specialty feats of strength are inconceivable in their scope and difficulty. All of his otherworldly power comes from his limitlless faith and unending innovativeness and creativity. When it comes to developing strength, John smashes through all barriers. He knows no boundaries. Over his lifetime, he has developed thousands of simple and effective exercises and concepts, These home grown approaches are available to everyone through his books, dvd's and seminars. His approach is simple, easy to understand, field tested and proven.  John Brookfield is a great hero, inspiartion and friend to me and many of my other superstrong friends.

Philip Pfister
2006 World's Strongest Man Champion


John, first I would like to thank you for taking the time to teach me about your training system. Boy was I floored by how my body felt after only a few short minutes. What I love about your system is that it eliminates the fear of injury because when you done, your done. There is no fear of dropping weights on your head or falling due to fatigue. At the end of the day you have taken a simple 1-1/2” and 2” rope and made it into a total body workout that everyone combat athlete should be doing as part of their training program. I HIGHLY recommend it to all my athletes…Great product by a great coach…  

Michael Fry




We use the Battling ropes in our combat circuits. In my opinion there isnt anything out there that replicates the demands of stand up grappling/ pummeling as well as the Battling Ropes.                          

Jason Brown       




John Brookfield has created one of the most unique training systems available to mankind to date. I have worked with athletes ranging from prepubescents to world record holders. The battling ropes are one of those unique training tools that will stay in your “training tool box”. It is amazing what you can do with a section of 50 foot rope. You can train for muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, anaerobic endurance, muscular strength, power, and mental toughness with one training apparatus. I have used the battling ropes with the following sports: swimming, basketball, softball, baseball, golf, cross country, tennis, football, and especially with mixed martial arts fighters. The system can be adapted in numerous ways by manipulating the length and size of the rope. I even have my 9 year old son train with a 1.25 inch rope in our den. This system can be used for almost anyone! Thank you for creating a “physiological phenomenon” for the world of physical conditioning!


Mike Martino, Ph.D., CSCS, ACSM-ETT, CES
Exercise Physiologist
1992 & 1996 USA Swimming Olympic Advisory Coaching Staff

NSCA Southeast Regional Director

NSCA Georgia State Director

Georgia College & State University

Milledgeville, GA

I would like to thank you for the very informative and rigorous demonstration of "Battling Ropes". I am confident that the coaches in attendance will implement all aspects of the system in their respective sports. We will definitely be makiing it a significant part of our training and conditioning for our school's Wrestling
Team. The best part of the whole system is that it is applicable to every sport. Thanks again for a great tool.  We look forward to further consult with you and "Battling Ropes".

With Kindest of Regards,

Paul Bukky, Head Coach
Columbus Academy Wrestling

Wrestling Director of the Arnold Classic Fitness Expo


I was searching for a way of training for strength and speed that would also increase my flexibility. The best Highland Games athletes are also the most fluid in motion. I was talking with John Brookfield and he commented that I should take a look at rope training. He said that it creates forces which act upon the body in ways that normal weight training cannot. Knowing that John is a master at creating new and effective ways to exercise, I decided to pursue his suggestion. John Brookfield and Steve Mosley have produced a system of exercises that make use of heavy manila ropes. They demonstrated for me how to run through a circuit of exercises using a fifty foot long 1 ½ inch rope. I immediately knew that Battling Ropes would fill the training need I have. Any athlete who is looking for a competitive edge should begin rope training. It is an intense training that is at the same time very safe. I expect to see Battling Ropes appear in a broad range of athletic endeavors and believe it will become an accepted means of exercise.


Brian Mobley

Professional Highlands Games Athlete


There are a few words that describe John Brookfield’s Battling Ropes System:
Humbling – because it will tax your entire system in short order (60 seconds or less) regardless if you’re a world-class athlete or a novice.
Relentless - like the ocean surf pounding big rocks into grains of sand.
Versatile – the gains of strength, stamina, and power are mind-blowing.
Simple & Safe – suitable for handicapped, sedentary, and elite athletes.
I highly recommend John Brookfield’s innovative and challenging Battling Ropes System, DVD and workshop.

Jeff Martone
Tactical Athlete Training Systems, Inc.


I want to thank you once again for taking the time to provide me quality one on one training. Unlike many training systems nowadays, your's focuses on the quality and not quantity of training. Everything I took part in truly enhanced the "mind-muscle connection." If a person hasn't achieved a warrior mindset, it will truly be called upon when taking part in the training that you offer. Most all the, fact that you can "walk the walk" with what you offer is a testament to the "real world" applications of this training. I'm not only convinced, I'm converted over to the types of training you offer.

Joe Roberts
U.S. Army
Ft. Bragg, N.C.

I first met John Brookfield about sixteen years ago when he was becoming one of the world's top gripmasters. Well he's been there, done that, got the t-shirt. John has been consistent in bringing new ideas to the fitness world. His latest one, Battling Ropes has to be the best yet. It's the one system you can train anywhere, anytime, and get a full body workout that challenges you physically and mentally. I encourage you to try it!

Army Special Forces


John Brookfield's Battling Ropes System gives a fresh perspective on combining aerobic fitness and strength conditioning. The system is easy to follow and perform. I strongly endorse this innovative training system.

Dr. William Urosevich
Martial Arts Hall of Fame
Colonel, U.S. Army Reserve
Liaison Officer
West Point Military Academy


John Brookfield has been the driving force for many who seek to improve their strength and overall fitness. John continues to break new ground with his Battling Ropes System. I highly recommend the program offered from this world-class athlete. If it's power, endurance, and a combat ready fitness system you seek. Look no further, John Brookfield's Battling Ropes System will get you there!

Captain Murrel Tyson
Police Defensive Tactics Instructor
Athens, Georgia


I had the opportunity to experience the Battling Ropes system that John
Brookfield has developed in developing sustaining power. I have to
tell you that I experienced hard core training like never before.
The core of my body was absolutely trashed after 60 seconds of the
power surge that the ropes demand! I returned to Rancho Buena Vista
high school and ordered 4 x 50 ft. ropes to put into my program. I
am sure i will be ordering more in the near future.

Mike Burgener, CSCS
Senior International Olympic Weightlifting Coach
Lift hard and heavy or go home to mommy!!


When it comes to the Battling Ropes system doing is believing! I watched the presentation and said to myself, "I see the grip work and the local muscular endurance." When I tried out the exercises it blasted my core and my heart rate shot up as well! There was so much more to the workout than my eyes had led me to believe. Talk about functional ab work. This training is perfect for athletes looking for a way to train their abs in a standing position to maintain midline stabilization and balance while absorbing tremendous out side forces. The exercises you can do with the ropes is only limited by your imagination. I was really impressed with the variety of exercises Mr. Brookfield has developed using this system.

Josh Everett
Strength & Conditioning Coach
UC Riverside Athletics
Riverside, CA


If you want to attack and conquer your anaerobic threshold and be able to build your strength at the same time than the Battling Ropes system is what you need. I had the opportunity to train one on one with John Brookfield in Pinehurst, NC and it was not only an educating experience to me, but a humbling one. The Battling Ropes will show you what you’ve been missing from your daily training and then enhance your training very effectively in a short period of time. John Brookfield was not only a great teacher but a very motivational one too. Just seeing John work the Battling Ropes will give one the incentive and motivation to push themselves past their anaerobic threshold and achieve better results in one’s training.

So if you’re looking for a way to jump start your training to a new level or break through a plateau than the Battling Ropes are for you.

Christopher Beltrante
Certified Circular Strength Instructor
ACE Certified Personal Trainer


Who could imagine a total body strength and conditioning routine with an intense cardio workout could be done with something sp unassuming as a rope! Yes that's right, the Battling Ropes will not only provide you with a total body workout, but also provide one for the entire family as well.

Maureen Martone
Co-Owner of Tactical Athlete Training Systems, Inc.


John Brookfield is one of the most innovative and original strength coaches in the business today. His new Battling Ropes system is an amazing approach to total fitness. The ropes are a whole body exercise approach that would benefit any athlete. I am now incorporating his techniques in my arsenal of moves for all my jiujitsu fighters and submission wrestlers. The combination of strength, stamina, and cardio needed to get those ropes moving puts the finishing touch on my fighter's workouts.

Steve Maxwell
2 Time Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion
Owner of Maxercise Sports/Fitness Training Center


I have to say that the Battling Ropes system is unique and awesome! Only someone like John Brookfield who has spent his whole life experiencing and learning new ways to enhance the athlete's performance could have figured it out! I feel your Battling Ropes system trains the body to maintain power better than anything else imaginable! Thank you again for yet another great contribution to the strength and conditioning world.

Steve Cotter
Strength Coach
U.S. Full Contact Kung Fu Champio

"I stopped being surprised years ago when John Brookfield would develop
some new and creative way to develop power and fitness...I have never ceased
to be amazed! Brookfield's Battling Ropes system promises to be a versatile,
creative, and radically effective means for 'roping in' your next training

Steve Jeck
Writer / Speaker
Author of the motivational bestseller The Stone Lifter


I have been a personal trainer for over fourteen years and I have yet to find an implement that is as useful as John Brookfield's Battling Ropes System. This was just the right tool that my clients and I have been looking for!!

Carey Stiller
Owner Fitness Unlimited
Lock Haven, PA


The first time I tried the Battling Ropes I knew John was on to something special. I promptly ordered some Battling Ropes and implemented them into our program. Great grip and stabilizer work and the anaerobic equivalent of wrestling a bull!

Dave Campbell
Strength and Conditioning and Defensive Coach
Georgetown College Football Team


John Brookfield, a.k.a. "Mr. Hands" has been a name synonymous with grip strength for years. What is sometimes overlooked however is that John has been able to develop his overall health and stamina to world-class proportions. Anyone looking to improve their speed, endurance and overall strength levels should pay close attention to John's advice!

Greg Stott
Founder Team IXL
U.F.C. XIII and XV
Champion Powerlifter


I was truly amazed at how quickly the Battling Ropes worked my entire body. I have worked out and been involved in athletics my entire life and never seen anything this effective. I am excited about the results I have achieved with the Battling Ropes!

Kim Sloan
Former Radio City Rockette


An innovative and explosive program, Battling Ropes is not for the weak of mind or heart. John continues to push the boundaries with unorthodox training programs. The use of John's system has far reaching benefits for sports and professions. Every aspect of my training from cardio to recovery has seen improvements after using the Battling Ropes System.

Christopher Hash
Former Army Ranger
All Conference Collegiate Lacrosse Player


John Brookfield's Battling Ropes program is the best fitness system I have ever seen. The Battling Ropes allow you to train for speed, strength and endurance all at the same time. This is the program for extreme fitness and developing mental toughness. John has elevated fitness to an art!

Pastor Jon Bruney
World Record Holder


John Brookfield is one of the most innovative people I've ever worked with. Training with John and learning from him has elevated not only my own personal workouts, but has really helped raise the success level of my company.

Shaun Housekeeper
President C.A.M.P. Acceleration
College Football All American
Don Hansen National Linebacker of the Year


John Brookfield is set apart from other great athletes and innovators because he is a great teacher and communicator. John offers practical advice to the novice, as well as the champion athlete.

Ben Oldham Ph.D.
Technical Advisor
Southeastern Conference Football


I have evaluated different systems all my life from a military perspective to a business perspective. However, with John Brookfield's Battling Ropes System, I was the one being evaluated!

Craig Collins
Former Navy Seal
Business Owner


John called me up to ask if he could speak at our annual North Carolina Strength Coaches Association Clinic. He said he had a strength system that will revolutionize strength training. Holy Tomale! What a great
presentation! He blew the attendees away. John brought everyone up to get their hands on his "power ropes". Everyone was very impressed and could see the value of the "power ropes" as well as John's methods of
training with them. We highly recommend the "power ropes" along the additional DVD to add to any strength athlete's strength program. We also recommend the "power ropes" for any strength coach when training
his/her athletes. We can't wait to get our athletes training with John's methods when we get outside this April!

In Strength,
Ethan Reeve
Head Strength Coach
Wake Forest University


I first heard of John Brookfield through mutual friends. At their insistence, I bought his books and followed his training advice on hand strength, making excellent gains. I had the chance to meet him about a year
ago for a private tutorial with kettlebells. His easy manner and no nonsense approach to strength training impressed me, so when I had the opportunity to see him at the North Carolina Strength Coaches Association clinic at Wake Forest University I jumped at the chance. John had mentioned a new system he was working on and I was very eager to hear what he had to say. Well, he had me help demo several of the techniques with the Powerropes system and it was amazing at how quickly it smoked me! Everyone in the clinic that tried the
system was clearly surprised at how hard it worked them in such a short amount of time, including world class strength trainers. As a law enforcement officer assigned to a SWAT team, I can say that this system will provide anyone who follows it with tremendous power and endurance for prolonged physical activity and a clear advantage in short bursts of activity requiring great power, such as subduing an opponent. When Mr. Brookfield speaks on strength training for functional applications, pay attention.

SWAT Officer and Law Enforcement Trainer